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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 27, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> joe: folks, this isn't baylor/west virginia. they're legitimately earning this every which way. >> matt: there's some good athletes on that usc offense. >> joe: matt scott, high up and to the 7. >> matt: the more i watch matt scott, the more i like him. he is a competitor. he's accurate. he's got toughness, he's reckless. you'll have to correct that reckless part. he's fun to watch. >> joe: jawanza starling, first and goal. almost 100 yards of offense between these two. arizona will come all the way back here and take the lead after the failed two-point conversion. here's scott for the end zone, and that is incomplete, looking for slavin.
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no flag that time. coverage came from josh shaw. >> matt: the way they're running these routes, whatever you do defensively, if you stay on top, they throw it behind. if you stay behind, they'll throw it to the top. it's all options and it's on the quarterback. they have to be on the same page with the receiver and it's mostly on the quarterback's throw. >> joe: into the end zone goes ka'deem carey. and arizona takes the lead here in the fourth quarter against the number 9 team in the bcs standings. >> matt: now here, i would go for the two points. >> joe: four-point margin as it
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stands. they want to make it six. rich rod's offense came right down the field, converting that third and 22 with a 60-yard reception. tutogi is in here for this two-point conversion with carey in the backfield. arizona trailed 28-13 with a run of unanswered points and looking for two more. to the end zone, incomplete. he was looking for buckner. what a finish we could have here. matt scott, up, up and away. and then ka'deem carey, straight through the heart of it all.
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>> joe: that was the pep rally last night here in tucson to go with bear down friday, their long-standing battle cry. bear down they have here in the second half as arizona trailed 28-13. 19 unanswered points to take the lead here in the fourth quarter against number 9 usc. glad you're with us for what's been a wildly entertaining game here. joe tessitore along with matt millen in the booth, maria taylor down on the sidelines. marqise lee is going to have a shot here.
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if they're able to find him. so lee has been the big story on one side but for arizona it's been austin hill. >> matt: yeah, the talented sophomore has done it a variety of different ways. they throw it to him short. he's been big. underneath screens, he's found holes in zones. the biggest one, however, was his 60-yarder on third and 22. we take a look at it right there. 259 yards on the day. and he's taking a back seat right now to marqise lee. >> joe: i-formation with silas redd as the tailback. play action out of it. barkley trying to extend the play a bit here, looking over his options, and he throws it over the head of redd. here's maria. >> maria: you talked a lot about austin hill and matt scott his quarterback has been talking a lot to him.
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scott doesn't talk to a lot of players on the sidelines but he grabbed hill before that series and said, hey, stay with me, you need you right here. that is the one player i've seen scott talk to and he is a man of few words, guys. >> joe: veteran leadership from the fifth-year senior. remember matt got redshirted last year. this is his opportunity, his one year to be the man. he'd love a win against the trojans. second and ten. barkley, they pick up the pressure and he threw it beyond robert woods, who was double covered that time. shaquille richardson picked him up. >> matt: sir thomas jackson coming from the inside out and that's a nice job by sir thomas, 53. just a freshman, a walk-on. they went -- they needed underneath coverage for him and he ran and took it away. big down right here. third down. big down for both sides.
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>> joe: third down and ten. all this yardage for sc but trailing with only 28 points up on the board and facing a fired-up defense. third an ten. they only bring three against barkley. and they get the pressure to him as he just throws the ball forward. >> matt: that's a sack. >> joe: and it will be marked down at the 11 yard line. the pressure came from reggie gilbert. >> matt: that's the first time they have gotten pressure all game long. so in a game when they have almost 560 yards of total offense, arizona needs a big pressure and here it comes. gilbert gets it, just hangs on to the ankle. the official calls him down right there. big sack. >> joe: remember, five turnovers, 12 penalties. so that mitigates all the production we've seen out of usc and then the sack there. an now richard morrison to
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return the kyle negrete punt. negrete three-yards deep. a low snap and he gets off a decent kick. fair catch at midfield where it is secured. let's check in with robert flores. >> all right, joe. moments ago georgia may have gotten enough distance between themselves and number 2 florida. aaron murray to malcolm mitchell. the freshman goes in for the score and it's 17-9 georgia over number 2 florida. the gators and notre dame, the only teams to beat three ranked opponents this season. number five, notre dame, led by manti te'o will try to make it four tonight as they take on number 8 oklahoma, 8:00 eastern. >> joe: thanks, robert. the miscues for usc. arizona back to business. ka'deem carey. he carries the ball to the 43. six-yard gain for ka'deem carey, tackled by leonard williams.
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>> matt: tess, we've been talking about all this offense that usc has been putting up, but here's been the story of the day. marqise lee is what he is, but interceptions, fumbles, turnovers. 12 penalties. those mean you're beating yourself. >> joe: matt scott spin move and only gets to the 40 as he was trying to get away from lamar dawson. third and about a yard. >> matt: i would think the way they have been doing it so far, this is two-down territory -- i mean four downs, rather, for what rich rodriguez has been doing here in this second half. >> joe: carey in the backfield. and scott is going to easily get it as he lunges ahead to the 35. picks up a good block from ka'deem carey. >> matt: that's the second time we've seen that same thing, both on short yardage situations. once in the first quarter and
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one right here. and ka'deem carey, he's impressive. he's not afraid to turn himself into a fullback and block when he has to. >> joe: that look of concern on the face of lane kiffin, trailing by four. here's scott and he gets it to richards. richards with a gain of about seven and a half yards that time. and scott himself is having a big day. 26 of 49 for 362 yards. came in leading the pac-12 in total offense. also has 92 yards rushing, which is impressive. high snap on second and three. and it will make for a third down and one after that carry. dawson on the tackle. 7:30 minutes, the clock counting
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down. sc looking for a stop. scott again, designed run. once again, he slides and was hit by t.j. mcdonald. >> matt: that's tough. i've got to tell you right there. >> joe: in the midst of it all. >> matt: that's a tough one right there. mcdonald is already committed to the run and he's coming full bore when matt scott hits that knee, he's already in the act of -- you see that, he's already in the act of going. >> joe: obviously player safety is such a point of emphasis. you know he actually took a hit to the head by dion bailey. >> referee: after the play, personal foul, number 7 on the defense. half the distance to the goal. automatic first down. >> joe: and the penalties mount for usc. >> matt: matt scott is throwing up. that's not a good sign. get him out of the game. >> joe: any neurologist will tell you that is one of the
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symptoms of a concussion is vomiting in reaction to being hit in the head. he's walking it off right now. down around the 14 yard line. it is set up as a first and goal as b.j. denker, backup quarterback, has the head sets on. and we're going to get a time-out here. >> referee: time-out arizona. >> matt: yeah, i'd get matt scott over to the doctor and just give him -- and he'll know. take him through the protocol because he was ralphing pretty strong. >> joe: four-point game. first and goal when we return. alright, if you're thinkin' about gettin' a new truck, you're probably thinkin' about fuel economy. well, you're gonna want some torque to go with it...
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>> joe: arizona quarterback matt scott stays in the game after getting dinged in the head and vomiting. a first and goal. ka'deem carey trying to find space and then is ridden down by t.j. mcdonald. 6:49 to play, second and goal. obviously usc wants to hold them to a field goal attempt here, keep it a seven-point game rather than widening the margin. carey has 100 yards rushing on the day. >> matt: conversely if you're arizona, you've got to get six out of this. this is a huge series right here right now. you've got cysix yards to go. you've got to put it in the end zone. >> referee: the play clock never ran on the previous play. timer, please set the game clock to 6:39. >> joe: so we'll take ten seconds off that last play.
4:17 pm
scott was having a laugh with the referee. >> matt: good job by the officials to get the game clock -- field clock where it has to be. >> joe: rich rodriguez is seeing his defense play well and his offense take advantage of it. 19 unanswered points. they trailed 28-13 earlier in this second half. >> matt: they need to hurry it up. >> joe: the play clock is winding down. >> matt: that made no sense right there. >> referee: time-out arizona. that's their second charged time-out. this will be a 30-second charged time-out. >> joe: rich rodriguez knows what a win like this could mean to jump starting the program and getting them ahead of schedule. he's been so animated throughout. >> matt: he's a guy who's an emotional guy, but he also knows
4:18 pm
he's got to put a lid on it for the most part because he still has a team to coach, and a young team to coach. in his first year, he's done a fantastic job. he's lost some really close games. he's been in just about all of them except for one up in oregon. >> joe: they're really two plays away from being 6-1. they had an overtime loss at stanford, a field goal game against oregon state and they believe they're at that level. right here, they're looking to get a huge win against number 9 in the country. second and goal. scott, sprinting to the near side, and scott is taken down at the 7 yard line. t.j. mcdonald and lamar dawson once again combining to get scott. >> matt: all of a sudden the offense doesn't look like it had been in the open field. tutogi comes in now. here's the bottom line. the bottom line is still they need a guy who can separate. what they have been doing is
4:19 pm
throwing the back shoulder fades in the end zone or going right here, austin hill in the slot. you've got some room up there. >> joe: buckner is at the bottom of your screen. he's looking hill's way. hill is on a slant and they were able to get the touchdown to david richards! >> matt: austin hill is in the slot. they take him and move the defenders, which opens the area right behind him and as soon as he gets inside -- watch inside position. you clear the defender. the ball has to -- it comes into a really tight window. and that's right where it had to be. >> joe: sc has dominated this series. they have won nine of the past
4:20 pm
ten as jawanza starling, strong safety for the trojans, was slow to get up at the end of that touchdown reception by david richards. arizona, a double-digit lead. 5:30 to play. and now the margin is 11. oh, how they have rallied. 28-13 has turned into a 39-28 lead. ♪
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4:23 pm
in tucson. usc has one loss so far this year, number 9 in the country, and now they need a comeback of their own. marqise lee finding running room. marqise lee, can he get to the edge? great return from the all american receiver, marqise lee, down to the 27. >> matt: well, we talked about marqise lee at the start of the game and he has been everything they wanted him to be and more. when they singled him up he's run right by coverage and made it look easy. made big plays just on simple routes, make an underneath catch and beat all the angles from the safety. he's dynamic, he's been doing it all game long. now he just adds with a big kickoff return of 71 yards.
4:24 pm
>> referee: time-out arizona. >> joe: you see him breathing heavy. let's check in with the studio and robert flores. >> at&t player of the week nominee is kansas state quarterback collin klein. four more touchdowns today in a blowout win against texas tech. two on the ground, two through the air. he's got 18 in the last four games. you can text vote to 34763. all right, joe, mr. heismanology, what about collin klein's chances for winning it all and winning a trophy? >> joe: collin klein has been impressing the heisman voters. they have been giving him great support. in recent years we've seen the last 12 quarterbacks winning the heisman. heisman voters love guys contending for the bcs title. you see matt scott, what a day he's had but the medical staff having a conversation with him. you saw the backup quarterback, b.j. denker, warming up. scott took a hit to the head, he
4:25 pm
stayed in and they scored and now matt barkley has to answer, trailing by 11 with 5:21 to play. woods in the slot. barkley with time, and he looked for aguilar and that was incomplete. >> matt: in this second half, it's been a slower day here for matt barkley. he was on fire through that first half and then this defense kind of just slowed him down a little bit. now is when he's got to be that heisman candidate we're talking about. >> joe: this defense has been playing well above expectations. this is an undersize -- guys playing out of position and learning a new scheme this year with a new coordinator. lee down at the bottom of your screen. second and ten, barkley, plenty of time and he finds marqise lee who goes backwards to try to get more yardage and he does.
4:26 pm
marqise lee is going to make it first and goal trojans. >> matt: not a very difficult thing to figure out right now. find marqise lee, throw him the ball. defensively, cover him. you've got to get him covered. but that's easier said than done. >> joe: an extraordinary 330-yard receiving game. first and goal. silas redd. redd breaks a tackle, spins and in for the score! oh, the trojans aren't done yet. >> matt: just nice blocking up front and watch them finish. that's the way to finish a run. keep your legs churning, knows where the goal line is and make sure he's in. >> joe: and now with the score
4:27 pm
39-34, matt barkley is trying to figure out what they want to run here, where they want it, what hashz they want it on to try to close this margin to just a field goal. two-point conversion to try to bring it to a three-point game. woods bottom of your screen, lee in the slot on the same side, redd the lone back. barkley back of the end zone, who else, marqise lee. >> matt: you line up in a slot, you know that you can get to the other side of the field.
4:28 pm
watch marqise lee. he's going to come this way, all the way across. here he comes. that's one way with a short field that you can use your speed, just run across the field, and he does it. >> joe: another chance to check in with robert. >> all right, joe. right now on espn, ohio state/penn state. ohio state's ryan shazier, the pick six and it's 14-7 buckeyes but the nittany lions are inside the buckeye 15 third quarter on espn. meantime, coming up on abc, number 5 notre dame and number 8 oklahoma in norman, 8:00 eastern on abc. the irish 7-0 for the first time since 2002. bcs implications abound. joe. >> joe: it's going to be interesting, robert, to see those bcs standings when they come out tomorrow night on espn at 8:30. for now we've got a lot of football still to be played in
4:29 pm
what has been a wild one. and that's b.j. denker who has his helmet on. moments ago we saw the training staff of arizona administering what appears to be the concussion test. you see them trying to move his eyes from side to side and evaluate where matt scott is. now arizona will get the ball with b.j. denker apparently coming out. the junior lefty. the new abc comedy friday premieres this week. comedy is back on friday nights with tim allen in the premiere of "last man standing" friday at 8:00/7:00 central on abc. >> reporter: "last man standing" that sounds like our game here today. >> joe: it sure does. >> matt: that man has been standing tall all day long. he's done everything they asked and more. >> joe: plus the two-point conversion. >> matt: set it up with a long 71-yard kickoff return. >> joe: it only took three plays
4:30 pm
and 56 seconds for usc to close this lead. and now ka'deem carey. look at ka'deem carey keeping his footing, nearly getting ten yards there. so b.j. denker, now a little playing time in the blowout win against washington. a juco transfer, new to the program this year. >> matt: you know, this has been one of those games where it's been very physical. there's a lot of guys who have been banged up today, both sides of the ball. there's the main one right there, matt scott, who's just had himself a phenomenal game here today. 369 yards, three touchdowns, run for over 100 yards. we said at the start of the game that he had to be flawless. now, he hasn't quite been flawless, but he's been pretty darn good. >> joe: go back and take you to that drive where they came down the field, got the touchdown. but this was the run that set up first and goal.
4:31 pm
he was hit by dion bailey helmet to helmet, plus also t.j. mcdonald came in at the end of the play. subsequent to that he vomited. they called a time-out. he walked around, stayed in the game, and now they have pulled him and b.j. denker is playing quarterback. what a spot for denker to be in, in a game like this against an opponent like this. >> matt: arizona has already rushed for over 200 yards against this usc defense. >> joe: total yards are only one yard apart, 579 to 578. >> matt: it's a defensive struggle. >> joe: carey on second and one and he's going to have the first down. >> matt: with all that yardage from offense, there's been one guy on this usc defense that's played pretty darn well today
4:32 pm
and that's t.j. mcdonald. he's been all over the place. he's playing safety, they have him dropped along the line of scrimmage. he's covered guys, he's done everything and played a really good game. >> joe: they're milking that play clock. they want to drain every second they can. number 9 in trouble here with a backup quarterback for arizona. they're going to grind it out, come in with a win. ka'deem carey breaks another tackle and drives those legs to the 41. update your game plan, matt, you set the table for us well earlier. >> matt: one of the things we said that scott had to be flawless and he's been phenomenal. 469 total yards, limit the woods and lee combination. while they didn't do too good there because 178 yards after the catch. and then they were able to get to barkley just in terms of taking coverage. they made him uncomfortable.
4:33 pm
you see the picks, they had turnovers. i think defensively they did their job, tess. and offensively right now this is the kind of game where they have got to be able to milk the clock. a position that they're not normally used to doing. >> joe: no, this is an up tempo, fast-paced offense that likes to go up and down and run you ragged in different circumstances, plus dealing with a backup quarterback. >> matt: that's a big deal. so you don't want to put the ball or the game on his shoulders, so they'll put it on ka'deem carey's shoulders. eventually they'll have to make a throw to do something. >> joe: carey on second and five and will move the chains. tremendous effort from the local kid. maria. >> maria: yeah, guys. watching matt scott, they had him stand on one foot a couple of times. he struggled to keep his balance. they sat him back down on the bench. he put his head down. guys, it looks like he might not be coming back in this game again. >> joe: matt scott likely done for the day. they're administering that
4:34 pm
concussion test on the sidelines there. and b.j. denker, take it home and get a signature win against number 9 in the country. the clock continues to count down, coming up on 2:30. this time carey is tripped up by hayes pullard. usc with one time-out. >> referee: time-out usc. >> joe: and they will use it here. so that is it for time-outs. with 2:34 remaining, out of time-outs. a reminder that the nascar sprint cup series is at martinsville. coverage begins sunday at 1:00 eastern on espn. just four races left to decide the championship of the nascar chase. >> matt: so it's second and 12. usc is daring denker to throw
4:35 pm
the football. they are packing the box completely. and they are going to say, okay, we want you to try to beat us with a throw, because we're not going to let you run this football here. look at the box, all stacked. look, they're all around the line of scrimmage. >> joe: and the obvious happens. they get after the running back, carey. it was t.j. mcdonald playing in the box to get into the backfield and make that stop. so now the clock will come down. it will be a third down and 11 and the juco transfer, who's new to the program, playing behind a fifth-year senior who's played a sensational game that's now out with a concussion, can he convert? third and 11. >> matt: they're going to take this thing down to about one second and then they're going to run it again. that will give them another 40 seconds to take off the clock. they'll be right around the 1:00 mark.
4:36 pm
>> joe: they run to the near side and carey is cut down again right near the line of scrimmage by t.j. mcdonald and dion bailey. no time-outs for either team. play clock at 30 right now. that will get it down to 1:01. and then matt barkley, can he cap what has been a wild one with a drive down the field? with under 1:00 to play. >> matt: it looks like they're going to take a penalty here. there's a minute to play, joe. what you'd do then is just go ahead -- you give up the rush. >> referee: delay of game, offense. >> matt: yeah, you'd give up the rush in lieu of coverage. and so you have to keep people
4:37 pm
back. you want to be able to play -- you play a little bit of man under three deep. and the rush is not as much. time is their main deal. you want the time to run out. and not give up the big play. >> joe: dugandzic on to punt. robert woods back at the 18 yard line. it is a line drive that goes out of bounds with woods. >> matt: that is the perfect kick, joe. perfect kick. >> joe: so usc's day, all the offensive records but all the miscues between turnovers and penalties. >> matt: the penalties they started early and they didn't stop all day. we said it earlier, they have beaten themselves. now, flowers had a lot to do with that, causing fumbles and a couple of picks. but the penalties, there's no
4:38 pm
excuse for. and now it comes down. look at this. that's a recipe for a loss. and even with all that, they have got 55 seconds to try to kick a field goal and tie this thing up or win it. >> joe: career long for andre heidari is 50 yards for what it's worth. barkley with time goes underneath, silas redd, and he gets the first down. remember no time-outs. the clock will stop to move the chains. that's why it was so important for him to burst through and get that extra yardage now. first down. >> matt: linebackers have got to get out of there. >> joe: they only bring three. over the middle again. marqise lee and he's out to the 40. another first down. 33 seconds remain. as lee adds to his record-setting day. heidari waits his turn. can he get the chance to tie up
4:39 pm
this game? barkley over the middle again. and this time silas redd gets 10 1/2 yards. so importantly another first down to stop the clock at 19 seconds. they have already crossed midfield. need to get to the 33 to be within heidari's range. pump once, downfield, takes a shot for lee but he overthrows him. five seconds remain. >> matt: he's got one play. that took too much time. that's five seconds. now, you get four guys back and you put four more at about the 20 yard line and you don't even worry about a rush. you rush two. the main thing is don't let it in the end zone. >> joe: they have been waiting for a win like this. many didn't think it would come in year one under rich rodriguez and they could be five seconds away from grabbing it.
4:40 pm
can number 9 survive? and pull off a miracle? from the 48. barkley is going to crank it up. incomplete! arizona wins it! another top ten team tumbles! as matt scott and the wildcats can celebrate. >> matt: a lot of superlatives on the field today, but when you boil it down, matt scott came through when he had to, knowing that was the guy who had to make
4:41 pm
the plays for this offense and, tess, he did it all game long. >> joe: here's how it ended. lee tried to give it one more shot, off his left hand, on a day when he had 16 catches for 345 yards and two scores. matt scott left the game with an apparent concussion, celebrating, and matt barkley, the season that could have been, that should have been, from heisman front runner preseason to now a trojans team with two losses. let's go down to the field and maria taylor. >> maria: coach, you've been so close before to getting that signature win. you said today was all about building relevancy. what's this mean for your program? >> i'm really happy for our
4:42 pm
players, especially our seniors. we've got a great group of seniors that have pulling the ropes for nine months and i'm happy for them. >> maria: what the difference in the second half? >> they have guys with a lot of resiliency. they just hung in there. we finally got an offensive drive, key stops on defense and it was fun to watch. >> maria: matt scott went out with an injury and was not able to complete the came. how do you assess his performance? >> he's a stud. i think he's one of the best quarterbacks in the country. we're riding matt scott all the way. >> maria: thanks, coach. joe. >> joe: thanks, maria. 369 yards passing for scott. another 100 rushing. number 9 loses. final score here arizona 39, usc 36. now let's get you back to the studio. >> joe, thanks a lot. john saunders here. we want to let you know everett golson and notre dame on the road ready to face an angry
4:43 pm
sooners crowd. oklahoma and notre dame coming up at the top of the hour, 8:00 eastern time. we'll see you then.
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and our giants are just two wins away from the world series championship as the fall classic shifts to chilly detroit. the giants but their best heat on the ground. the giants will fight to close out the world series this weekend, however it won't be easy, mike shumann is live in
4:47 pm
detroit. hi, mike. >> mike: how are you doing? we're right outside of comerica park, and if there's ever a must-win in a world series for the detroit tigers it's tonight in game three. i'm going to give them the advantage. we go back to american league rules and the legs -- designated hitter, and it's 40 degrees right now, expected to be 348 gametime. now, baseball players aren't used to playing in this kind of weather. so hunter pence told me, we're going to have to deal with it. >> we hope not. go out there and try to focus on the task at hand and be able to block certain things out. >> definitely is football weather. >> this is world series weather. this time of year, if you're fortunate enough to get here, which we are, you're going to have to be able to deal with that, and so we'll see. we'll go out there and enjoy the weather and enjoy whatever, we're in the world series. >> you have to make sure you
4:48 pm
stay loose and stay warm. we have heaters in the dugout, so shouldn't be a problem. we have ask players layers -- layers. so you goo out there and put the ball in play and that might help you focus on hitting the ball. >> ryan vogelsong on the hill, got to feel confident. >> we definitely know we're going to get a bulldog, vogelsong. wonderful to play behind. feed off his intensity, and both sides, sanchez, incredible competitor, you go out there and you enjoy the moment and happy to be part of playing behind vogelsong. >> hitting the spots, battling every pitch. makes its easier for guys him 0 guys behind him to make plays. >> hector sanchez with dh for the giants. we -- wayne freedman traveled
4:49 pm
with brandon belt's parents. reporting live in detroit in front of comerica park, i'm mike shumann. back to you. >> ama: of course mike touched on the weather. let's get to meteorologist leigh glaser. >> leigh: we're talking burr out the rain is pushing off to the east, and sprinkles to the east of toledo, heading up to detroit. right now temperature is 48 degrees-cloudy. the wind is really starting to howl. the gust at 20e miles-per-hour and that's bringing the wind chill, what it feels like on the hands out there, only 42 degrees. we'll look at the forecast coming up.
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>> your voice, your vote, ten days until the presidential election. today the president rallied a crowd of 8500 people in new hampshire. he hit mitt romney's record as governor. he said he targeted the middle class with fees and taxes and will be hard for romney to accomplish all the last-minute promises. in florida, mitt romney says the
4:53 pm
president has shrunk from his promises he made. romney says he won't do that and his tenure as president would include more cooperation chaos the aisle. romney said now is not the time to demonize political opponents and build bridges with at the democrats. >> take a look at this, a political ad that reaches a new level. he at that time few res mitt romney's campaign on his face for a bid of $15,000. he posted a listing on ebay offering to get the logo tattoo. the winning bidder is anonmowz. >> and leigh glaser ha
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
let's get it over to leigh for a check on the forecast. >> leigh: right now temperatures in the 70s and we have clear sky. a few high cloud. live doppler 7hd picking up on the clearing across much of the bay area.
4:56 pm
cooler skies and get ready for overnight temperatures down to the upper 40s, and 50s elsewhere. so, high pressure will dominate tomorrow so here is a look at your highs. not a lot of change tomorrow. still be mild. 8 for antioch. 80, fairfield. north bay, santa rosa, warming to 82. 73 tomorrow. plenty of sunshine in the city of san francisco. 78 for san jose, and 77 for santa cruz tomorrow afternoon. gilroy, 82. things are going to change. the seven-day forecast. monday, go with sun and clouds. increasing clouds for tuesday. temperatures will start to drop off as well. by wednesday morning, looks like the north bay will start to see a few showers just in time for halloween, i know. be sure to get the kids prepared for thatment and then we'll cool things off, warm things up, friday and saturday. a little more sunshine but the north bay, the showers will again early wednesday morning
4:57 pm
and then spread north bay to south bay by trick-or-treat time at best on wednesday afternoon, and looks like the heaviest rain will mover in overnight wednesday night, early thursday morning. >> get the trick-or-treating done. >> that does for this edition of abc-7 news. thank you for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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